What is the Sports betting token ?
  • The World Cup is inspired by the world's most prestigious sports tournament. A sport that unites people with common interests, competition and love for football. From the love of football of everyone in the world, we have brought our top match prediction games to web3 to help investors earn profits from their cryptocurrency. Both for entertainment and earn money. This will be the largest cryptocurrency betting platform on the blockchain. Predict the winner, be rewarded with $SPB
Is the Sportbetting token is safe ?
  • Sure, our project is very safe by the Auditing and KYC DEV team from the auditing company. Safu Badge is for projects that are endorsed by Safu Devs. Their names are associated with those projects and hence They need to make sure that the project has potential and is rug free by all means. For that to happen, We wrote the contract or test it if it is already deployed by the project owner. Also need to learn about project's token distribution plan and ensure that there are no unlocked tokens for 30 days after launch.
What is the fee of transaction ?
  • Very low tax 5% ( 2% reward $BUSD + 3% Marketing )
Why we should invest in SPB? what is the different vs original betting platform?
  • "SPB is a SAFU token that is checked by SAFU dev of Pinksales platform, with the new idea in merging cryptocurrency and sports, you can enjoy the sports completely and earn SPB with the simple method: Holding. When compare with an original betting platform, SPB is more profitable when you can earn BUSD by holding and betting to get more SPB also. The total supply of SPB is fixed, no minting, so you wont be worry to be dump and you can enjoy the sports with the most excited by using SPB features"
Last modified 10mo ago