Q1,2 / 2022



  • Creating the Idea
  • Making future plans
  • Stablishing the core team

Q3 - 2022

Start of social campaigns in TG, Twitter etc.
  • Preparing professional website
  • Preparing backend and frontend of the first game
  • Building website
  • Creating Dapp
  • Starting game Alpha tests and run Dapp with core team members
Smart Contract
  • Developing Smart contract
  • Writing contract to ensure SAFU and AUDIT with Pinksale Partner.
  • Testing the Smart contract
$SPB IDO Whitelist and Shilling Contest
  • Whitelist Contest and Shilling Contest will be release to investors as quick as possible

IDO Presale on PinkSale and launch on PancakeSwap

CMC & Coingecko
Listing on serious CEX / DEX platforms
Marketing as much as possible to 10000 holders

Q4 - 2022

Mainet Dapp and run the game !
  • Release betting Dapp for Players
  • Develope more functions for investors can stay on our website longer and earn money from predict the football game
  • Staking Dapp for holders and players to take more profit.


  • Partnership expansion
  • Listing on Centralized Finance platforms
  • Implementation of new game modes
  • Ecosystem development with Fintech implementations